All my programs are provided as is, and with no guarantee or promise to do anything. If you would like to see how I made them, or if you would like to contribute (most if not all of these are written in Python) come check out my GitHub Page and contribute.

Sot Timer

This program i'm very proud of. It's a cooking timer for Sea of Thieves, but it does much more than that! It's an everything you need fishing resource. It will tell you everything about how and where to catch each fish, and even find the closest sea port to your location!

File Hasher

This great program is my answer to getting uniqe SHA256 and MD5 hashes from any file. It can even compare Hashes to files to confirm the file hasn't been altered


Born out of necessity, I built this program to keep track of how much time I was spending on each computer at work.

Puter Waker

never found a program for Wake on Lan that i was happy with, so i made my own! i'm not happy with it yet either, but at leaste it works.